Saturday, February 08, 2003

Hello. If you're reading this, expect surprise from me, since I realize that there are hundreds upon thousands of sites offering commentary and punditry, most of them headed and published by people far more intelligent and experienced in life than I. Honestly speaking, I probably wouldn't be reading this myself if it was published by another person. I have a tendency of not trusting the opinions of anybody under the age of 24, and considering I'm not out of high school yet, that pretty much would make me a young, idealistic blowhard that doesn't pay taxes.

True, perhaps, but enough self-degrading. I suppose I represent a particular section of youth, and more importantly, I think that I represent myself as well. I've been enjoying for the last 1/2 year reading the weblogs of other, more professional people and gaining from their views. I figure that having a place to express my opinion, regardless of if anybody reads it, is well worth it.

But enough about my crazy motives, and me, and on to the actual blog. I will probably write about what I'm thinking about, which means I'll most likely to focus mainly on politics. I will probably include what I feel about an album or movie time to time, but I hate multipurpose blogs so I'll try to keep the unwanted out. Expect at least one update a day, unless that's physically impossible for me.

See you soon.