Thursday, March 06, 2003

Reads an AP article on Blair's appearance on MTV:

Woord seemed to sum up the mood of those in the studio and much of the British public when Blair told him he was always keen to have a dialogue with people to explain his views.

"It is not really working though, is it?" Woord replied.

While I'm in no place to denounce the high amount of protest and dissent occuring within Britain's government and society, this statement couldn't have come at a worse time.

According to MORI:

A majority of the public still disapproves of Tony Blair's handling of the Iraq situation, but there has been almost a 10% swing in his favour since mid-January as he has fought to justify his position.

Three quarters (75%) of people in Britain would now be prepared to support British troops joining any American-led military action against Iraq. However, this support is conditional both on UN inspectors finding proof that Iraq is trying to hide weapons of mass destruction, and on the UN Security Council voting in favour of military action.

Yes, there is still a lot of opposition, but the gaining of 10% in public opinion is by no means "not really working".

In addition to the 75% stat, there's more:

Yet this interpretation is not supported by the polls. That same Channel 4 survey found that 62 percent supported military action "if most members of the UN Security Council back the use of force, but one or two countries use their veto to block UN action." In other words, U.N. approval in itself is not required and the British are quite happy to see action without U.N. approval, so long as that action enjoys broad international support. Indeed, they are even happy to see such action take place in the face of strong opposition from such powerful countries as Russia, France, or China.

I guess MTV in the UK is just as big a joke as it is in the US. I wonder if they asked Blair "Boxers or briefs"?

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

It appears that Arafat is considering a billionaire for the new PM of the PLO.

I guess 300 million just doesn't cut it anymore.

Worthwhile comment from the second link:

The Guardian says:

"All this is a fraction of the Bush family's total assets. Mr and Mrs Bush declared a net worth of between $9m and $19m (£6m-13m), much of it deriving from their Texas ranch, which is valued - rather vaguely - at between $1m and $5m. "

* Filthy Oil Baron who rules the planet and exploits all the world's poor:$ 19M

* Noble, earnest leader trying to save a people broken by the cruel Isrealies: 300$ million, at the vest least.

"The Bushes' wealth is dwarfed by that of the second man in the government, Vice-President Cheney, who with his wife Lynne is said to be worth between $23m and $70m (£16m-48m). Mr Cheney spent the 1990s boom as the chief executive of the oil company Halliburton, while Mr Bush was rather less well placed to get rich as governor of Texas."

* Bloodthirsty mystery man pulling the strings of the mightiest nation on earth from an undisclosed location: $ 70M
* Leader of starving nation, broken utterly by sanctions of evil cruel empire, cannot even afford to pay to have a proper weapons declaration written: $ 2, 000 M

Its all so clear to me how evil capitalists are looting the world now that Bush is in power. I'm ashamed of my country's money grubbing ways.

Boise pro-liberation protest at 4:00 PM, outside the BSU admin building.

I plan on attending.